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 a b o u t 


C h a r l i e   V ie r e g g e​


Pronouns: they, them, he, him, his

5 years tattooing experience


My tattoo specialty is  sketch- like with fine lines,

dotty shading and intricate details.

I enjoy portraits, bugs, plants, creatures, abstract, realism, brushstroke. I feel very inspired when I get a custom request. I love playing with all the possibilities.


At the beginning of my tattoo career I dabbled in as many styles as possible, thought I may be one that is well rounded, but at this point I have found my specific style and I like to stick to it, not too rigidly, I still explore when it feels right.

r e v i e w s

Followed Charlie from their previous space. I was so happy they opened their own studio. They’re the only artist I will go to for all my work. Always eager to design custom tattoos for me and gets what I was imagining right every time. The line work is so clean and heals wonderfully. They are so kind and fun to talk to. Charlie always follows up with after care tips specific to each body part as different areas heal differently. Very comfortable and inclusive space. I recommend Charlie to everyone who asks about my tattoos!


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