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Books Reopen
February 12

Writing Paper

This is for March April & May.
Priority to flash and sketchy work.  
All of June I will be guesting at Heirloom Arts in Kalamazoo, MI

July & August I will not be tattooing to prioritize making & selling art. So you'll catch me as a vendor in Athens then! 


Tattoo Request

November 2023 - February 2024

Shop minimum $100 
Base Hourly  Rate  $150
Custom Art Fees $10+

Free Consults

What are you interested in?
Desired Placement
What days work best for you? Open 11am-4pm

Thank you for submitting a request for consideration!

I prioritize work that is in my style, there may be some ideas that I don't take on because I don't feel it's a good fit. I will give artist recommendations when I can. I have limited capacity for full sleeves  .

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