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  1. Wear Face Mask

  2. Bring ID

  3. Avoid alcohol

  4. Drink plenty of water

  5. Have substantial meal

  6. Moisturize tattoo area well

  7. Avoid razor bumps

  8. Protect your skin from the sun

  9. Wear comfortable loose clothes , make sure tattooed area is accessible

  1.  During the healing process wash hands before touching the tattoo

  2. If using tattoo wrap, leave on for 12-24 hours  being sure to check for irritation from wrap periodically. ( extra wrap info below) Remove wrap slowly and in the shower to allow the water to run under and loosen the adhesive

  3. Wash tattoo gently using clean hands and an unscented soap daily and anytime it gets dirty. Air dry. After around 2 weeks the tattoo will be closed up and you can stop cleaning

  4. After the first clean let air out for a day before applying balm or lotion

  5. Natural Balms and lotions are recommended over petroleum based ointments like Vaseline. 

  6. Moisturize 2-3 times a day for at least 3 weeks 

  7. Continue taking care of your skin after for more long lasting vibrance

After Care

The Healing process can vary depending on your skin type and style of tattoo, so you may develop a more specific method for yourself as you collect tattoos. This is a good base method I  recommend for healing my style

Hustle Butter

Available in studio for $7 & $17

Second Skin Wrap
  • In the first 24 hours there may be a build up of plasma under the SecondSkin, this is completely normal

  • Remove the wrap while showering while under running water lift one edge of the wrap and slowly pull off. Peel up an edge, if this proves difficult, you can attach medical tape to the corner of the film to help lift it

  • Wash tattoo gently with gentle unscented soap using your hands. Wash away all plasma/blood. Pat dry with clean paper towel or air dry

Remove immediately if you seem
to be having a reaction!

This can look like redness around edges of wrap or a burning feeling.  Wash tattoo and pat dry or air dry.
If any adhesive seems to be stuck on skin, use ointment or oil to gently remove any adhesive then wash & dry again. 
Leave tattoo dry with no aftercare until reaction subsides.
If irritation continues you can take a benadryl for allergy relief.If irritation continues or gets worse seek medical attention.

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